Meet the Men


Above all Evan and Wyatt are best buds.

The idea to officially join forces to cover weddings came after teaming up to shoot a particularly large beach ceremony Wyatt had booked. The pals had such a fun time shooting together, and the bride and groom were so thrilled by the resulting shots, the decision to keep this thing up seemed obvious. It’s been the same story every since.

If they aren’t out riding on their motorcycles, one of them probably has a camera in their hand. They each have a decade of experience in the image making business, and a long history of collaboration on commercial and editorial gigs alike. Over the years shooting weddings has become as much a passion as it has a successful business for “The Next Best Men.”

On weekdays (when there are way less weddings) Evan and Wyatt each have their own independent careers behind the lens. Evan’s work typically involves portraiture or photojournalist assignments all across the country, while Wyatt works an Art Director for SRQ Magazine and regularly shoots everything from food to fashion.

Their shared photo studio is based in Sarasota Florida, but the pals have come to cover weddings all across the globe (from Prague to San Francisco). It’s something they truly enjoy doing, and are frankly some of the luckiest guys around to have found success with this kinda gig.

Above all Evan and Wyatt work to ensure a great experience for the couples who choose to invite them to their special day. They want everyone to feel like they are just guests with cameras by the end of the night. Of course they won’t ever replace your actual best man, but they would love the chance to be your Next Best Men.